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Water meter

About Your Water Meter

The meter is installed inside your house near the main shut-off valve where the water service line comes into your home, usually in the basement. This is connected to a small device that will send your meter reading via a radio signal. A meter reader with a mobile data collection unit drives by your home to obtain the reading.

Remote device

To get an idea of how much water you use, take a reading at a set time during the day, and another reading the same time on the following day. The difference between the two readings is the volume of water you used over that 24 hour period.

Water meter face

If you suspect you have a leak, turn off everything in the house that might be using water and look at your meter. If the low flow indicator is turning that means water is still flowing through your pipes and you likely do have a leak. The most common source of leaks is the toilet flapper valve, a dripping tap, or the feed to a washing machine.

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